Politicians praise Leopoldina’s proposals

Sachsen-Anhalt’s Prime Minister Reiner Haseloff praised the recommendations of the National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina on the possible relaxation of restrictions in the corona crisis. The statement was “the most sound and plausible scientific recommendation for action on the Corona crisis,” said the CDU politician on Monday. Clear criteria and concrete procedures were described. Haseloff […]

Get out of the corona trap – morning briefing

Good morning dear readers, Fear eat up soulit was once said by filmmakers Rainer Werner Fassbinder. Fear eat welfare, according to Covid-19 these weeks. Weeks in which the Germans are busy hoarding toilet paper and disinfectants as well as canceling trade fairs, major events and trips. Fear of corona is like fear of terrorism, says […]

Elected on the left, isolated on the right (neues-deutschland.de)

Right on the right, wrong on the right: no hand for fascists – especially not in times of Corona Photo: AFP / Jens Schlueter Berlin. Bodo Ramelow has been re-elected Prime Minister in Thuringia. The politician of the Left Party was given the simple majority of the Erfurt state parliament in the third ballot on […]

“You are the arsonist” TIME ONLINE

content Read on one page content page 1 –“They are the arsonists” Page 2 –The FDP seems to be outside of the alliance No, this time no bouquet of flowers flew to the feet of the newly chosen one  Prime Minister. Four weeks ago, this was the scene of choice been. FDP Thomas Kemmerich was […]

State election Thuringia: Mined area (neue-deutschland.de)

Photo: AFP / Jens Schlueter The Thuringian state parliament could have had this result earlier if a minimum of political understanding had been involved: Bodo Ramelow was elected Prime Minister of a minority government. The choice was without tricks and embarrassments; unlike four weeks ago. The CDU and FDP did not once again act as […]

Bodo Ramelow is Prime Minister again

Berlin It is shortly after 4 p.m. on Wednesday in the Erfurt state parliament when Bodo Ramelow can breathe a sigh of relief. He has just been elected Prime Minister of Thuringia. The 64-year-old received a simple majority in the third ballot. 42 MPs voted for Ramelow – just as many as his red-red-green alliance […]

Thuringia election live: no handshake for Höcke – politics

The left-wing politician got the decisive majority in the third ballot after two unsuccessful attempts. AfD faction leader Höcke then refused to shake hands. The developments in the live blog. The developments in the live blog: © SZ.de/bepe Feedback To the SZ homepage Your opinion on the choice of Ramelow:Readers’ discussion Share our article: Facebook […]

Die Linkspartei ist nicht regierungsfähig

Linkspartei-Vorsitzender Bernd Riexinger Riexinger reagierte „etwas unglücklich“ heißt es. (Foto: dpa) Berlin Just an dem Tag, an dem sich der Linkspartei-Politiker Bodo Ramelow in Thüringen erneut zum Ministerpräsidenten wählen lassen will, macht ein Video die Runde, das nur einen Schluss zulässt: Die Linkspartei ist unwählbar – und sollte nie und nimmer Regierungsverantwortung übernehmen. Hintergrund ist ein […]

The Left Party cannot govern

Left Party chairman Bernd Riexinger Riexinger reacted “somewhat unhappily”, it says. (Photo: dpa) Berlin You can’t believe it. Just on the day when the Left Party politician Bodo Ramelow wants to be elected Prime Minister again in Thuringia, a video goes around that only allows one conclusion: The Left Party is unelectable – and should […]

Bloomberg weak, Biden strong – morning briefing

Good morning dear readers, the American version of democracy says that billionaires are replacing billionaires as presidents. At least that was the hope of the media-heavy Michael Bloombergwho went to the US yesterday “Super Tuesday” belated entry into the pre-election campaign – for the Democrats against Donald Trump, It’s a New Yorker’s fight against a […]