British central bank chief does not rule out negative key interest rates

Andrew Bailey According to the head of the British Central Bank, negative key interest rates are in principle not excluded. (Photo: Bloomberg) London The British central bank does not take any monetary policy option off the table in the corona crisis. In principle, negative key interest rates are also not excluded, as central bank chief […]

14-year-olds may not go for a walk

Updated Saturday, 25 April 2020 –18:04 The order published in the BOE excludes them from misconduct and only allows them essential messages. Permitted caregivers and adults may accompany children age 13 and under An accompanied minor queues to buy bread in Zaragoza.Javier BelverEFE Boys and girls of 14 years old will not be able to […]

The central banks are doomed to rescue in an emergency

Swedish Reichsbank The world’s oldest central bank was founded because of a crisis. (Photo: Sveriges Riksbank) Walter Bagehot’s 1873 Lombard Street, an analysis of the British money market, is a kind of unofficial Bible for central bankers. Bagehot describes that in the event of a “panic” the central bank, in this case the Bank of […]