Coronavirus: Latin America, the new global epicenter

LOak sacks pile up in hospital parking lots or simply stay on the street, long lines form in front of cemeteries. Despite these terrible images, given the high number of infections in Europe and the United States, South America has so far been seen as a secondary site of the pandemic. But now it’s over. […]

Brazil breaks the symbolic mark of 1,000 daily deaths per crown

“Brazil is having some problems, no doubt,” said the President of the United States, Donald trump, more concerned about the impact of covid-19 in that country than even its ally Jair Bolsonaro. When the latest news was released, the president complained that in the South American giant “there are only people with a virus problem.” […]

Bolsonaro went out to “sell” a recipe to avoid COVID-19

Jair Bolsonaro, a subscriber to controversies / AP He leaves one problem and gets into another. It seems that the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, is attracted by controversy. And the stronger the better. Apart from being a strong detractor of the confinement measures recommended by Health experts, because in his opinion they bury the […]

Brazil becomes the new corona hotspot

El Salvador The corona crisis reached Brazil late – but the virus is now spreading faster and faster: The Amazon has already overtaken Spain and Italy in terms of the number of infected people. 15,000 new infections are currently being added every day. Only two months ago, the first death after an infection with the […]

Bolsonaro exploded against Argentina due to the coronavirus

Bolsonaro had another day of fury and aimed against Argentina / afp Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro stated that Argentina is on the “road to socialism” and that it has thousands of deaths from coronavirus less than Brazil due to the difference in the number of inhabitants, in the framework of a day in which it […]

Bolsonaro cancels a massive barbecue after reaching 10,000 deaths from coronavirus

The President of Brazil,Jair Bolsonaro has finally canceled the call for a massive barbecuein front of the Alvorada Palace, the presidential palace, in Brasilia, after confirming 10,100 deaths from coronavirusafter adding 751 deaths in the last day. It is the fourth day in a row with more than 600 deaths per day. The president’s allies […]

Bolsonaro charges of judicial interference: three Brazilian ministers soon

The Federal Supreme Court of Brazil has accepted a request from the Attorney General to question the Minister of Homeland Security, Augusto Heleno, the head of the civil chamber (cabinet), Walter Braga Netto and the Minister Secretary of the Government, Luiz Eduardo Ramos. All three are general. Minister of Justice Sergio Moro resigned on April […]

Bolsonaro says he may have had the covid-19

“You may have had this virus in the past, maybe, and I didn’t even feel it, “said President Jair Bolsonaro, and he set himself as an overcoming example of the effects of a pandemic that has already has killed 5901 Brazilians and infected 85,380. Meanwhile, his own Minister of Health, Nelson Teich, projects dramatic scenarios […]

Authorized judicial investigation against Bolsonaro for seeking impunity

The political scandal grows in Brazil at the rate of contagion coronavirus. During a day in which 338 deaths were reported, which raises 4543 the number of dead, and almost 67,000 infected, the Federal Supreme Court (STF) authorized through one of its members, Celso de Mello, the opening of an investigation related to the alleged […]

Brazil had a new record of deaths from covid-19

Amid another day of strong political tensions and further erosion of far-right power Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil had a record of deaths by coronavirus. With the last 407 cases computed, the number of deaths as a result of the pandemic amounts to 3,735. But all the media assume that the number of deaths and infected, up […]