Video: Russians cover Vuhledar with incendiary ammunition

Vuhledar is one of the Ukrainian cities that have been the subject of fierce battles recently. The American newspaper The New York Times wrote a few days ago that probably the largest tank battle since the beginning of the Russian invasion took place in the vicinity of the city (we wrote here). So far, all […]

Marjinka’s destruction is total. Drone video shows a city that is no more

Drone footage taken over Marjinka, where over 9,000 residents lived before the battle, shows the overwhelming extent of the damage caused by the Russian attacks. In places, you can see the remains of buildings that can still serve as shields for the Ukrainian defenders. Russian forces are methodically destroying Ukrainian defensive positions at the site. […]

Video: We lack better weapons, complain Ukrainians defending Vuhledar

In early February, the Russian military attempted a series of attacks linked to a larger encircling maneuver, but failed. The invading units lost dozens of armored vehicles and apparently hundreds of soldiers. We wrote more here. The current course of operations at Vuhledar shows how difficult it is to carry out an attack in open […]

The Russian army is shelling Kharkiv – News

yesterday 18:49 · Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in an interview published by Der Spiegel magazine on Thursday that he had to push German Chancellor Olaf Scholz into military aid to Ukraine. He added that relations with Germany are alternating. However, he thanked Berlin for already… Entire article

Russia hit a Turkish ship – News

Rewrite this content “There was an attack yesterday, most likely the harbor, and it looks like an explosive shell hit the ship. Turkish ships in Kherson have only minimal crews, so there are no injuries or casualties,” a source told Ukrainian Pravda on condition of anonymity on Wednesday. The Reuters agency wrote that a Russian […]

Europe wants to help Ukraine without electricity

Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal he wrote on Twitter that he discussed with the seven foreign ministers the tightening of EU sanctions against Russia, the restoration of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, financial aid and Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic aspirations. The visit of seven foreign ministers from the Baltics and Scandinavia to Kyiv was intended to show continued support […]