Debt: a group of bondholders presented the Government with a new counterproposal

A group of bondholders that is part of the Argentine Creditors Committee (ACC) presented a new counteroffer to the Government on Wednesday. They are the Gramercy, Greylock Capital, Fintech and Oaktree funds, which make up ACC and They are getting closer to agreeing an agreement with the Minister of Economy, Martín Guzmán, since their differences […]

Reuters: they say the ACC bondholder group is cracking

Three bondholder groups told Reuters that the Argentine Creditors Committee (ACC), one of the top three groups of bondholders, was shocked by the announcements of the US funds Gramercy, Fintech y Oaktree, than they indicated that they were willing to make individual agreements. The ACC has proposed a deal in which bondholders would effectively receive […]

Government extends the term of negotiation with bondholders for 10 days

The official sector and the bondholders agree that “The talks are on track”. So much so that the possibility of making an announcement as soon as next weekend is not ruled out. The Government decided to extend the negotiation with the holders of the external debt. The Ministry of Economy completed the drafting of a […]

Argentine shares climb about 12% on Wall Street

As in the previous round, Argentine stocks operate with strong increases on Wall Street as a result of greater investor optimism regarding negotiations for the restructuring of sovereign debt and due to a greater appetite for emerging asset risk. Purchases by Common Investment Funds (FCI), forced to limit their position in dollars, also influence this […]

Up to 18% flew Argentine shares listed on Wall Street

Recovering some of the wide terrain lost in the last two years, the most important advances of the day were recorded by the ADRs of the Grupo Financiero Galicia (+ 17.7%), Banco Macro (+ 16.2%), YPF (+ 14.3%), Banco BBVA (+ 13.2%), and Supervielle (+12, 7%). Although the increases were very important, one of the […]

Exchange: bondholders counterattack and prepare their counterproposal

In either case these are ideas that improve the first stone position of the debt holders, and accept the criterion of strong interest, light principal and an important extension in the payment time without immediate compensation. However, inevitably, they would imply that Martín Guzmán accepts that his first proposal to creditors must be modified and […]

Shares rise up to 7% and bonds up to 5% after offering to bondholders

The S&P Merval index of the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange rose 2.7% to 38,879 units, after losing 6.21% the day before and accumulating an improvement of 20% in the previous four sessions. Argentina will offer its creditors a 62% interest cut, a three-year grace period and a 5.4% capital drawdown on its foreign debt of […]

Discount time for the proposal to the bondholders

At all times, the Minister of Economy, Martín Guzmán, maintained that he will only make a proposal that is “sustainable” over time, that is, that allows the recovery of the Argentine economy as well as facing debt commitments. This supposes a “substantial effort” on the part of the private creditors according to the words of […]