Bookstores at reopening time

Direction of circulation, limited time in small numbers in stores, reduced handling of books, exchanges at fair distance with bookstores … The experience of visitors to bookstores will be significantly changed, now, when they reopen after two months closed curtains. Should we see a step back (some remember that in the 1970s, at the La […]

Bookstores adapt to the exceptional and receive the first customers

With strong protection measures for workers and buyers, bookstores across the territory have been able to open as early as this Monday and hand-deliver orders prepared during confinement. Raised blinds but activity far from usual in the establishments: appointment, only one customer in the store, gloves, ice, and, for now, without touching the books. Many […]

Publishers back with ambitious programming

Between the books published before the confinement and the novelties expected in May and June, readers should quickly find their happiness. Two years after the success of The Disappearance of Stephanie Mailer, Joël Dicker returns with a fifth novel, The Mystery of Room 622. DENIS DUPOUY / Le Figaro Let’s say it straight away: publishers […]

Catalan bookshops offer to open by appointment or individual attention

The Gremi de Llibreries, together with the Conselleria de Cultura and the ICEC, have drawn up a decontamination plan so that these establishments can open from Monday. Specifically, they propose that bookstores raise the shutter by appointment or individual attention, using screens, masks and gloves, special hours for people over 65 and always guaranteeing the […]

Before the deconfinement the bookstores bet on the “click & collect”

Buying a book in bookstores is again possible! Pending the reopening of stores on May 11, many establishments have already set up a “Click & collect” to provide customers with a book they have pre-ordered online. Bookstores are among the sectors hardest hit by the containment measures put in place since March 17 to fight […]

Bookstores remain open during closure

“ I had the impression of buying Céline’s pamphlets under the coat in a clandestine pharmacy … Stéphane, a young Parisian father, enjoys having his first smuggling experience in mid-April. He chose and paid for books (7 children’s albums and two novels) on the website of a bookseller near his home, who arranged to meet […]

The Guild of Booksellers calls for support for bookshops for Saint George through a video

The Guild of Booksellers has called to support the bookstores for Sant Jordi via a video unveiled this Monday. A video featuring, among others, the director of the Institut Ramon Lull, Iolanda Batallé; Marcel Mauri, the Vice President of Òmnium Cultura; JxCat’s spokeswoman for the Congress and former Minister of Culture, Laura Borràs, and the […]

Wine Shop at Vroman’s Bookshop – NBC Los Angeles

What to Know The 1894 Wine Bar at Vroman Book Shop 695 E. Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena February 10 opening The cafes and shops are a very conscious and familiar book that even butter and jelly, let alone bacon & eggs, may feel threatened. You could even put a cafe and books on the most […]