Nick Carter Achieves Partial Success in Rape Allegations Case

Aug 31, 2023 | Rape allegations – partial success for Nick Carter Several women have accused pop star Nick Carter of serious sexual misconduct. In one case, the 43-year-old was able to celebrate partial success. Singer Melissa Schuman accuses Carter of raping her in 2002. In return, Carter sued the 39-year-old for defamation. According to […]

New Corona variant Eris observed by WHO: How dangerous is the omicron mutation EG 5?

The World Health Organization (WHO) has upgraded the new mutation of the coronavirus EG.5. The variant called “Eris” is now one of the “virus variants of interest”. This makes Eris one of three variants that are under increased observation by the WHO. These also include the XBB.1.5 variant, which is widespread in Europe and the […]

Nikolai Embraces Freedom from Royal Obligations: A New Chapter Begins

Nikolai: Finally free as a count? In a press release, the court justified Margrethe’s drastic step: The monarch wanted to enable her grandchildren to live a freer life – without royal obligations. Nikolai works as a model alongside his studies. He is also currently building up a foothold as an influencer and regularly gives his […]

What applies to e-scooters? Insurance, traffic rules, fines, law, compulsory helmets

Which legal regulations apply to e-scooters? A driver’s license is not required to drive an e-scooter on public roads. The e-scooters, which are considered to be small electric vehicles, may drive a maximum of 20 kilometers per hour and must be approved for road traffic. That means your vehicle has to roadworthy and have brakes, […]

Vaccination damage, long-term consequences, side effects after corona vaccination: Where do you apply for compensation? What are the chances of compensation?

What is vaccine damage? According to the Infection Protection Act, vaccination damage is “the health and economic consequence of damage to health caused by the vaccination that goes beyond the usual extent of a vaccination reaction”. Normal side effects such as rashes, fever or headaches are not included. Whether actual damage has occurred can be […]