How do you spot the signs of stroke? Boulogne hospital wants to raise awareness

1 The signs that should alert you Doctor Mathieu Bataille hammers him, the speed of management of a stroke is essential. « We must consult as soon as possible. Beyond four-thirty, there is no further treatment possible », Warns the head of the neurological service of the Duchenne hospital. But for that, the victim and […]

a cannabidiol shop closed after a police and customs check

Freshly opened, soon closed. The Suprhemp store, located place Light, in Boulogne-sur-Mer, was forced to lower its iron curtain at the end of July. In question ? A check, dated July 31. It was, according to our information, an operation led by a departmental anti-fraud operational committee (CODAF), in which the police and customs participated. […]

Boulogne cracks in front of Chartres

As usual, it is difficult to draw conclusions from friendlies. Boulogne had trained in the morning and was not cool. But this defeat, severe (0-3), sounds like a free warning, and Laurent Guyot welcomed it almost half-heartedly, so that his group becomes aware of certain realities. ” I wanted above all to give everyone playing […]