Gold hits the brakes! Big drop – How much is a gram of gold?

06.05.2023 07:00 1 / 6 The latest situation in gold prices, which was affected by the changes in ounce gold and exchange rates on Saturday, May 6, 2023, is among the curious ones. Well, how much is gram gold, how much is quarter gold? Here are the current status and latest prices below…. <img src="" […]

Industrial companies do not see buy-out or relocation because of nitrogen

NOS NOS News•Saturday, 13:01•Amended today, 12:08 Hatixe Raba editor Interior Hatixe Raba editor Interior “Peak loaders can be agricultural companies as well as industry,” wrote nitrogen mediator Johan Remkes in his report. This means that not only farmers, but also a number of industrial companies must reduce their nitrogen emissions to zero. But voluntarily buying […]

Remkes names the gap between city and countryside, is hard on the cabinet

ANP NOS News•Wednesday, 20:38 Guus Dietvorst Political editor Guus Dietvorst Political editor In the conversations that mediator Remkes had about the nitrogen crisis, he was shocked by “the genuine despair of reasonable people” and “the gap between the city and the countryside”. He is also sharply critical of the cabinet. According to Remkes, the policy […]

The rise of the Euribor stops the mortgage firm in Cantabria

At the same time, the average amount of the loans has risen and is now above 112,000 euros The year began with some joy in the mortgage sector and loan contracting figures not seen for more than a decade were reached. However, economic uncertainty, coupled with rising interest rates, has meant that enthusiasm has faded. […]

2030 not up for discussion for the cabinet, but looking at measurement method

ANP NOS News•Wednesday, 15:31•Amended Wednesday, 18:13 As far as the government is concerned, halving nitrogen emissions by 2030 is not up for discussion. Nitrogen mediator Johan Remkes said this after an almost four-hour conversation with representatives of agriculture and members of the cabinet. Earlier this month, CDA leader and Deputy Prime Minister Hoekstra said that […]