Companies in Krefeld are feeling the effects of Brexit at the borders

May 16, 2021 at 8:00 a.m. Paid content: Lots of delays due to ignorance : Krefeld companies are feeling the Brexit Long truck queues formed at the port of Dover, especially at the beginning of the year. Photo: dpa / Gareth Fuller Krefeld The abolition of the customs union leads to delays. German companies complain … Read more

Leverkusen’s economy is slowly recovering

May 14, 2021 at 11:39 am Paid content: Economic report from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce : Leverkusen’s economy is slowly recovering The gastronomy remains on hold. Photo: dpa / Annette Riedl Leverkusen A high proportion of industry is helping Leverkusen through the pandemic crisis. However, the catering and event industries remain under pressure. … Read more

The Brexit Diaries, Barnier’s devastating tale of the Tories

The book, which came out this last Thursday in France under the title “The great illusion. Brexit Secret Diary ”, offers over five hundred pages his impressions and almost daily reflections of the process, peppered with bitter criticism of different British officials. For Barnier, Brexit supporters “underestimated” from the beginning “the legal complexity of this … Read more

Brexit. Redistribution of fishing rights – GRIN

Academic work, 2021 36 pages, grade: 1.0 Table of contents or introduction Should European fishermen face new restrictions on fishing off the coast of the UK?This problem is addressed in this thesis with the aim of examining the consequences of Brexit specifically for the fishing industry in France. To this end, the background to Great … Read more

France also threatens financial retaliation

The European Union can also retaliate against financial services if the United Kingdom does not respect Brexit agreements on fishing rights. The French Secretary of State for European Affairs Clement Beaune warned the British about this on Sunday. In conversation with Sunday newspaper Beaune points out that French fishermen are still waiting for 40 licenses. … Read more

The four nightmare days of a Spanish woman held in a center for Europeans in London

María, a 25-year-old young woman from Valencia, decided to fly to London on May 3 in search of new job opportunities. Throughout 2019 I had already been working for a few months in the UK. And taking advantage of the fact that her sister lived on British soil, she decided to pack her bags again. … Read more

Brexit, war on fishing between Great Britain and France on the island of Jersey

LONDON – The sensational escalation of tensions between London and Paris on the exploitation of post Brexit fishing off the coast of the island of Jersey, linked to the British Crown, 20 kilometers from Normandy, seems to be extinguishing. After the two warships sent from the UK last night “as a precaution”, France did the … Read more