ROYALS. Queen Elizabeth is furious and Meghan Markle leaves …

Queen Elizabeth is reportedly furious because her staff has rebelled. Norwegian King Harald was allowed to leave the hospital and Meghan Markle spoke up again. An overview of the ups and downs in the European royal houses. Queen Elizabeth is furious because her Christmas threatens to fall into the water and that has everything to […]

Harry and Meghan agree for reality show: “How hypoc …

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are said to have signed a deal with Netflix for a reality show. It would be a “tasteful” look into their lives. In the British press, the couple is described as hypocritical. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would have agreed to a reality show. At first it was thought that […]

Meghan was “unprotected” by the monarchy after media attack

Documents consider that Enrique’s wife was left “unprotected by the Institution” as she was the target of these tabloid newspapers and was “prohibited from defending herself.” By: EFE 07:05 AM / 02/07/2020 The wife of Prince Henry of England, Meghan, was “unprotected” by the British monarchy and unable to “defend” after being the subject of […]

Anonymous 2020: Lady Di and filtration of his death Anonymous 2020 | Princess Lady Di and the filtration of possible death | Anonymous VIDEO | Anonymous HERE | Network political, famous, and powerful | the united States | the USA | EE.USA | united States | Network, famous, and powerful Off Side

Updated the 01/06/2020 at 21:45 Anonymous it has returned with force. After several years of being in the shadows, the group has resurfaced with a video for joining protests against the death of the african-american George Floyd, the citizen who lost his life product of police abuse in the state of Minneapolis, united States. The […]