Restarting the classic: That was the first concert after eight weeks

ÜPunctual, fast bus, ghost subway, completely empty Berlin Central Station. Only employees are allowed in the DB Lounge, half of the shops are tight. A train is 105 minutes late. A strange shimmer, familiar, and yet everything else is funny. I’m on the road again – in terms of opera and music. For the first […]

Bayreuth: Katharina Wagner has a right to be sick

opinion Bayreuth Katharina Wagner has the right to be sick As of May 14, 2020 | Reading time: 3 minutes When everything was still good: Katharina Wagner with Prime Minister Söder at the 2019 festival opening Source: picture alliance / Eventpress The Bayreuth boss is seriously ill. The rumor mill promptly speculates about the “sinking […]

Kirill Serebrennikow: The quarantine pope advises culture and sex

Dhe corona crisis has created a whole new profession: the lockdown apocalyptic and isolation prophet who likes to operate from the spacious German old building. But if there is a quarantine and house arrest expert within the modern juggling professions at the theater, then this is one who is professionally concerned with the beautiful appearance […]

Soprano Anna El-Khashem is the upcoming superstar

BIn some people, the talent luck fairy has been really great and lingered for a long time. But she also chose it well. Knowing well that the gifted individual would handle it intuitively and responsibly. Then all the attendants along the career path set the course at the given time, then the star can rise […]

Netflix series “Hollywood”: The big self-deception

Fake news! For the tearful finale, the Oscar ceremony in 1948 is simply rewritten: In the seventh part of the new Netflix mini-series “Hollywood” by Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan, five of the gold boys go to a brave but unfortunately only fictional film called “Meg”. He was originally supposed to tell the iconic sad […]

Classic Corona Exit: They just want to play again at last

Culture Corona exit They just want to play, finally to play again As of: 4:22 p.m. | Reading time: 4 minutes The string quartet in the Austrian Federal Chancellery plays according to the regulations with distance and mouth protection Source: BKA Orchestras and operas are pushed outside. The Berlin Philharmonic will start on May 1st. […]

Vienna State Opera: The new director Bogdan Roscic

Dhis ambition really oozes from every artistic pore. Bogdan Roscic, 56, was a music manager in the pop and classical vinyl industry. From summer onwards, as the new director of the Vienna State Opera, he really wants to know. Since the end of 2016, when his engagement became known, he has had time to bring […]

Katharina Wagner falls ill: Bayreuth’s keeper fails

Classic Katharina Wagner falls ill Bayreuth’s keeper fails As of: 7:05 p.m. | Reading time: 2 minutes Katharina Wagner Credit: picture alliance / dpa Bad news for the Bayreuth Festival. Boss Katharina Wagner, Richard Wagner’s 42-year-old great-granddaughter, has been ill for a long time and must be represented. An old acquaintance returns. DOpposing bad luck: […]

Corona crisis: Soon there will only be hunger artists in Germany

Dhe Berlin Philharmonic is said to still go on an Israel tour on May 1st, although follow-up concerts in Prague, Budapest and Vienna have long since been canceled, but Brussels and Luxembourg are still on the agenda. Are people there now corona-immune? Of course not, only the organizers have not yet canceled, so the orchestra […]