The budget, a rudder to keep SMEs afloat | Economy

The budget is as important in business as the highway for the driver: it allows the businessman to meet his goals and reach his destination, anticipating the potholes that may arise along the way. However, its correct preparation is a pending issue for many SMEs, now surprised by the slowdown in the activity. “Unfortunately, rigorous […]

Why LADA Vesta will never enter the premium segment

The Russian budget sedan upsets the features of the assembly of the passenger compartment and body. Back in 2015, the LADA Vesta appeared on the Russian market, which made a lot of noise. Such a car was the first brainchild of AvtoVAZ, received in serial execution an X-shaped design, which became the new DNA brand. […]

“Budgetary austerity must no longer be a straightjacket”

La Croix: Many blame the European Union for its lack of response to the epidemic. Do you think this criticism is justified? Enrico Letta: Yes, if it is addressed to national leaders who have been slow to grasp the gravity of the situation and who have shown their selfishness and their divisions. No, if it […]