Horoscope-sign. What annoys you Taurus and what Leo?

In life, we meet all kinds of personalities and characters, and unless you live somewhere in the woods in a hermit’s cabin, you probably have to deal with people who don’t quite suit you. They are completely different from you or have some character trait that turns you on. What to prepare for each zodiac […]

They are smart! – Marquez in love with a heart at the Red Bull Ring

They are smart, the two lovebirds. Yes, Marc Marquez can be sure of the best mental support on the Spielberg weekend. His sweetheart Gemma Pinto is one of the party. He has already had his picture taken with her while strolling across the Red Bull Ring. He seems relaxed, full of life, balanced. No wonder, […]

Verstappen achieves 100th Red Bull victory in Montreal

The Austrian Formula 1 team Red Bull Racing has had 100 victories in the motorsport premier class since Sunday. World champion Max Verstappen made sure of that, winning comfortably from pole position in Montreal. The Dutchman relegated Fernando Alonso in the Aston Martin and Lewis Hamilton in the Mercedes to the other podium finishes. Only […]

Three signs that will prosper all year

We are not saying that bad luck, scabies and smallpox await the other nine signs. Reading the stars is not a hard science, either you believe in them or not. But if you do, then know that the heavenly bodies will make sure that from May 16, the three signs will do exceptionally well throughout […]

Master class! Max Verstappen outplayed everyone, even his Red Bull teammate

Qualifying was not entirely successful for Red Bull. It is true that Perezm was the fastest, but the Dutch driver had problems. The last phase of the fight for pole position (Q3) was interrupted after Charles Leclerc’s accident with Ferrari damaged the car after hitting the barrier. It was not good news for Verstappen. In […]

In one line and with the bull

Editorial Room News And it was officially announced that the factions “Yiannena New Era” and “Yiannena Now” have merged into a single faction called “Yiannena New Era”, which includes the three municipal councilors Giannis Aivatidis, Giannoula Mamaki and Aristidis Pappas, with the aim of the joint descent to the municipal elections of October 2023. The […]

Raid Red Bull on suspicion of a cartel!

Fuschl/Brussels. The EU Commission raided Salzburg-based energy drink maker Red Bull on Monday on suspicion of illegal collusion and violations of EU antitrust rules. On Tuesday morning, the Commission announced the launch of an investigation into a company operating in the energy drink industry in several EU countries. The reason for the raid was explained […]