This was the summit of the bullfighting figures: from the outrage with Pablo Iglesias to the squats of Morante de la Puebla

The dome of bullfighting met this Monday. Convened by Cristina Snchez and El Juli, patrons of the Toro de Lidia Foundation,“in 24 hours”all confirmed their presence.Fundi,Ponce,Morante,Perera,Castella,Cayetano,Apple orchards,King RockandPablo Aguado.Jos TomsHe did not participate, but asked that he be counted on and informed of what was being said. The matadors Paco were also presentUreaandManuel Escribano, who […]

the bullfighter chose «Barbudo», the bull that killed him

ABC Madrid Updated:05/11/2020 01: 33h save Related news It happened on May 11, 109 years ago, specifically in 1801. That tragedy moved bullfighting. Died José Delgado Guerra, known as Pepe-Hillo on the posters. He had been born in Seville in 1954 and before the half century was over the bull’s antlers “Barbudo” ended his life. […]

Out in the open: Pablo Aguado’s delight in the historic house of Miura

Updated Tuesday, 5 may 2020 –19:38 TWITTER PABLO AGUADO / J.J. DIAGO The images ofPablo Aguado tempting open field in ZaharicheThey have gone viral in the few hours they have been posted on their social networks. The naturalness of his bullfighting finds sculptural perfection with Miura’s tight calves. The bucolic prairie of Lora, in full […]

When Lupe Sino wished Manolete: “Ah, if I smiled”

ZABALA DE LA SERNA @zabaladelaserna Updated Friday, one may 2020 –17:26 EFE Lupe Sino wants it before meeting him. «I go crazy when I fight. Look, in the Charity run (…) I couldn’t contain myself and I shouted: ‘You are the greatest thing in the world’.He looked at me, thanked me, very attentive but without […]

Mondeño, the bullfighter who felt the call of God and became a monk

Rosario PerezFOLLOW Madrid Updated:04/28/2020 01:45 save This is the story of Juan García, Mondeño in the posters, the bullfighter who was a bullfighter before a friar. Born on January 7, 1934 in a humble family -His father was a senior guard on a farm-, his beginnings walked hand in hand with poverty. Like so many […]

Mario Cabr, the bullfighter of supreme elegance who seduced Ava Gardner

GONZALO I. WELCOME Madrid Saturday, 25 April 2020 – 12:18 Multifaceted man of extraordinary sensitivity, bullfighter, actor and poet, was born and died in Barcelona In the heat of this newsroom at the time of closing on the bullfight day, the choice of the ideal photo illustrating the bull pages of this newspaper came into […]

The famous bullfighter who ordered a ham as a requirement to fight in Madrid

ABC Madrid Updated:04/24/2020 01: 32h save Related news “In Madrid, that bullfights San Isidro”, they say he snappedThe War. But Guerrita, “who collected the bullfighting tradition of a century insurmountably and was in a way bullfighting made man” (El Cossío), did perform in the Madrid square. And one of the times he put one curious […]