Special K / C1 / Finale / Liverpool-Real Madrid (0-1) / SOFOOT.com

He did not score in the final this Saturday evening against Liverpool, but this new victory in the Champions League is above all that of Karim Benzema, author of the season of his life and who will have carried this collective throughout the knockout phase. . The trophy cabinet is well stocked for this exercise, […]

Foot and prout / France / Lyon / SOFOOT.com

According to the latest revelations from The Team, Marcelo would have been excluded from the pro group of Olympique Lyonnais because of his flatulence. Or rather because of his laughter which followed his gases, when OL had just lost heavily on the lawn of Angers (3-0). But let the Brazilian be reassured, he is not […]

Juninho criticizes the smell of Marcelo’s fart / France / Lyon / SOFOOT.com

If we had been told that such a story would make so much noise… While Marcelo had just denied on Twitter the information that his flatulence in the locker room was the cause of his sidelining, Juninho was quick to open the application to give a detailed account of his intestinal gas. “See, I told […]