A butcher was killed by a pig at a slaughterhouse in Hong Kong

Rewrite this content A butcher worked at a slaughterhouse on the northern edge of the city near the border with mainland China. But the pig, which he had previously stunned with a stun gun, woke up and knocked him over, CNN reported with reference to the local police. A colleague then found the man lying […]

bull “played dead” and killed the butcher who was going to finish him off

A meat merchant in Murcia, a region of Spain, died after being gored by a 472-kilogram bull, called ‘Limpiador’, at a fair that was taking place in the local bullring. The meat merchant Santiago Lopez Carcelen, he was as a spectator of the event and not as a bullfighter. However, an event to which the […]

Star Wars Armada – Galactic Republic Fleet Starter Kit

Play epic battles in the Star Wars universe Contains miniatures already painted and assembled Many extensions available Contains among other things 9 attack dice, 4 activation indicators, 10 command orders, 8 push wheels, 6 ship cards, 12 objective cards, 20 upgrade cards, 1 scale, 1 maneuvering aid The galaxy is sinking into war! Led by […]