Hot match and anger broke out between León and América

In just 20 minutes, León and América exchanged caresses at the Nou Camp for his duel on Day 6. The duel started boiling between both teams and reflected it with hard kicks and that unleashed a row that left at least two reprimanded after an exchange of pushes and kicks. At minute 19, in a […]

“A resolution that does not favor”

The historical Ivan Zamorano nothing was saved and he referred to the final verdict he issued FIFA regarding the Byron Castillo casewhich was not favorable for the southerners, since the sports entity dismissed the complaint issued by Chile thus leaving him without the chances of attending the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Given this, the former […]

Chile’s lawyer cried before FIFA, but FEF leader closed his mouth

FEF leader shut the mouth of Chile’s lawyer June 09, 2022 08:40 a.m. Eduardo Carlezzo He spoke to the Chilean media about the evidence he has on Byron Castillo and was confident in saying that he is Colombian. “I think and I hope that it is clear: the player is colombian. We take all the […]

ANFP lawyer for Byron Castillo’s crying: “The lie normally has a short life”

The lawyer stated that the player “has to go out and speak the truth.” AGENCY ONE/FILE May 24, 2022 10:27 a.m. Eduardo Carlezzo, the lawyer who defends the ANFP in the lawsuit against Ecuador, analyzed the situation experienced this weekend by the selected Byron Castillo, who burst into tears during a match for the local […]

Byron Castillo | Jorge Sosa, an Ecuadorian lawyer, warns about Byron Castillo and gets Chile excited: “I’m not optimistic” | World Cup Qatar 2022 | Sports

Complex scenario. The Byron Castillo case and Chile’s complaint to FIFA continue to cause repercussions. Although the highest entity decided to open a disciplinary process against the Barcelona SC footballer, the parties are awaiting the final resolution. For the Ecuadorian lawyer George Sosa, an expert in international law, the start of the investigation is not […]