Low earners get away the worst with short-time work benefits

Frankfurt The coalition committee has decided to increase short-time work benefits to 70 and 77 percent of the net wage loss from the fourth month. However, calculations by Lorenz Jarass from the Rhein-Main University of Applied Sciences show that high-earning employees on short-time work can already come up with replacement rates for the net loss […]

Markus Beginn is a candidate at Darmstadt 98

DThe calculations for the “lilies” are interspersed with variables. The question of when professional football will be possible again and whether the last tranche of TV money (around four million euros) will alleviate the financial needs is common to the other (second division) clubs. At SV Darmstadt 98, however, there are also fundamental sporting direction […]

How is the new minimum wage applied in 2020? | My rights

The Government and social agents have agreed to increase the minimum interprofessional salary (SMI) by 5.5%. Consequently, the monthly salary of Spanish workers with a workday of 40 hours per week goes from 900 to 950 euros, divided into 14 payments. Or, what is the same, they can claim a minimum salary of 31.66 euros […]