he waits for the NBA, Real Madrid tempts him and Partizan goes for him

Two weeks before the start of the season in the United States, the Argentine point guard is still without a club. Meanwhile, in Europe they dream of his luxury. Two weeks from the start of the NBA 2022-23, and in full dispute of the pre-season matches, Facundo Campazzo maintains the illusion of finding a new […]

Residential Smart is a reality. The small car got a tent, a sink and a stove

The video, which has gained a lot of popularity on the Internet, shows the entire conversion of a regular Smart Fortwo into what is probably the smallest functional motorhome on the planet, with some off-road features. Its owner, who is also the head of the Silverline Tools workshop, carried out the conversion because, in his […]

The Freiburg campsite at Silbersee has a new owner – Freiburg

Entrepreneur Manolito Wehrle from Elzach bought the campsite at Silbersee in Freiburg-Hochdorf. Wehrle intends to invest 1.5 to 2 million euros over the next four years. Manolito Wehrle has taken over the 18-hectare site from Nora Ruth, who has run the campsite for a while since the death of her father, Klaus Frenzel. The facility […]

ElectricBrands xBus now with solar roof

Solar cells on the surface of cars aren’t a new idea – there was a BMW 7 Series with solar cells in the sunroof, which powered the air conditioning system. There was also a solar sliding roof for the VW Phaeton, customers could order solar modules for the Maybach models 57 and 62, and an […]