Christian Sewing wants to make Deutsche Bank “stormproof”

Frankfurt Deutsche Bank is preparing for a tough course of the corona crisis. “In this phase of upheaval, we have to make our bank even more weatherproof – or let’s say stormproof”, in his previously published speech by CEO Christian Sewing for the Annual General Meeting on May 20. Nobody knows what the second and […]

Hedge funds have gambled away with these shares

Frankfurt Investors are usually happy when their stocks go up. This does not apply to hedge funds such as Marshall Wace or AQR Capital, at least not at the moment. They belong to a handful of hedge funds that had put their money back on the price drops of financial institutions such as Deutsche Bank […]

Settlement with the Deutsche Bank

New York, Frankfurt One year after the financial crisis in the United States, there was no sign of caution at Deutsche Bank. At a conference in Rome, the risk managers of the Frankfurt institute were made clear: “You must give the securities dealers a certain amount of space to gamble on. Otherwise, the bank would […]

Deutsche Bank may integrate private customer subsidiaries

Deutsche Bank The merger of the private customer division with the mother is said to reduce costs. (Photo: AP) Frankfurt Before the end of the year, Deutsche Bank intends to merge its previously private customer division, DB Privat- und Firmenkundenbank, into the parent company. The plan has been known for some time, but only recently […]

Blackrock misses out on climate protection

Frankfurt The Blackrock headquarters in Paris received unwanted visitors at the start of the week. Several dozen climate activists stormed the building in the city center and sprayed slogans like “I want to live” on the walls. The security forces were apparently surprised by the action, and the police tried to stop other intruders, the […]