Public hearings for attack on Capitol Hill will continue to focus on Trump

Congressman Adam Kinzinger confirmed that he has received death threats directed at him, his wife and their newborn son. (NOTICIAS YA).-This week the public hearings of the special investigation committee of the House of Representatives for the January 6, 2021 attack on the Capitol are resumed. They will take place on Tuesday and Thursday and […]

They consider filing criminal charges against Trump for assault on Capitol Hill

For a growing number of Democrats, it is necessary to send to the Department of Justice the information obtained as a result of the investigation of the events of January 6, 2021, when a mob of supporters of the former president stormed Congress to prevent the validation of the presidential victory of Joe Biden. With […]

January 6 hearings recall political theater in the US – 06/12/2022 – World

Public hearings of investigations on Capitol Hill represent a tradition of American political theater since the second half of the 20th century, when television broadcasts began. In the 1950s, when the US had half its current population of 332 million, an average audience estimated at 80 million people watched the sessions of the subcommittee led […]

“January 6 represented the best movement in the history of our country”

Javier AnsorenaFOLLOW Correspondent in New York Updated:10/06/2022 10:59h Save Related news Republicans did not wait to hear the committee’s appearance on January 6 to launch a counteroffensive against Democrats, who are leading the investigation into Donald Trump’s attempt to overturn the results that culminated in the assault on Capitol Hill. During the last months, the […]

Swine fever, what the plan studied by the Capitol provides

Securing the bins most at risk is the top priority, entrusted to Ama. It will then be essential to increase the surveillance in the parks near the gates of the red zone and the protection of the same, established by the regional ordinance. The Capitol runs for cover to stem the emergency linked to the […]

Why does the US Congress want to extend the dreaded “Title 42″? | news today

The rule better known as Title 42 was established during the term of Donald Trump and allows the government to automatically expel adults and families who cross the land borders of the United States without authorization. Photo: PAUL RATJE Republican and Democratic Senators from USA presented several bills to prolong the rule that allows irregular […]