Arrival of the capsule Dragon, SpaceX to the International Space Station

May 31, 2020 – 10:05 SpaceX made history on Saturday with the launch of the spacecraft Crew Dragon at 3:22 in the afternoon and opened a new era of space exploration, after nearly a decade without manned missions sent from the soil of north America, and with american pilots. NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas […]

The face and nutritional cross of coffee in capsules | Science

In 2016, single-dose coffee was introduced in the calculation of the CPI, making official what was already evident: the capsule coffee maker is one more element in the kitchen. The sector continues to grow, reaching 37.3% of consumers and, although the average expenditure on “conventional” coffee still exceeds the single dose (55% and 45% of […]

Father makes a Death Stranding style capsule for his baby

The_Bai_Ying, Shanghai cosplayer, says he created a special capsule to take his baby to the hospital because, according to him, the city’s air quality is bad. Curious that he does not assume that he is actually carrying his son with that. The_Bai_Ying says he created a way to filter the air to protect his baby. […]

Boeing hit with 61 security updates for the Starliner astronaut capsule

Boeing is addressing 61 security updates that were followed as part of its Starliner employee capsule’s 2014 test trip, which NASA said on Friday. NASA has additionally defined the goal of the spaceport station that was canceled in December as a significant “high-visibility close call” that can ruin the capsule twice. When NASA launched the […]

Pharmacy of the future – this is how it should look

New York, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt The Wednesday afternoons were like paradise, Christian Wilhelm recalls. The parents’ pharmacy in Durmersheim, Baden, closed at noon, after which there were often family outings. “There was hardly any economic pressure and the earnings were good,” says Wilhelm about his parents’ pharmacy, which was founded in 1972. There are no longer […]

The great farce of the “hive floors” | Madrid

Marc Olivé answers the phone and the first thing he hears is his voice in a fight with the waiter. The man who shouts asking not to touch his nose is the same spiky character, with glasses and a beard, who has appeared hundreds of times on televisions, radios and newspapers around the world saying […]

Neymar Jr. is said to give Peek & Cloppenburg more reach

Dusseldorf John Cloppenburg plays an important role in the world of fashion trade. At Peek & Cloppenburg, the 50-year-old manages premium purchasing and online business, he also speaks for the management of the family company, which has 16,000 employees in its branches in 142 stores and 15 countries. But on this spectacular evening at Peek […]

Gateway 080 closes with encapsulated fashion | Style

A capsule fashion day closed the 080 Barcelona Fashion catwalk on Thursday. It has been four days of parades to see the proposals of local designers, trademarks and international guests at the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Exhibition Center, a regular place in Catalan fashion week. Announced as the novelty of this edition, with which the […]