10 most fragile and unsafe foreign cars on the Russian market – Cars

According to German experts, a little less than 10,000,000 car owners visited technical centers during the year. This, as you understand, is about Germany. But the cars on which they came to the service, with might and main ride on our roads. It is gratifying that 69% of the cars that visited the maintenance points […]

Lipetsk Evolute turned out to be an electric car for Ethiopia – Cars

As far as we know, in this African country, the auto industry is represented only by a small company Bazra Motors, which assembles everything that comes to hand from imported car kits – from Toyota and Kia to UAZ. The Ethiopian VIN of the Lipetsk Evolute i-Pro may indicate, for example, that Dongfeng, which supplies […]

Why did the Russians suddenly again massively rush for new cars to Belarus

Probably soon, to stimulate sales, AVTOVAZ will activate regular discounts and new loyalty programs in Russia. However, even without that, the Volga residents offer tasty conditions for the purchase of cars through state support, and they lure them into maintenance with promotions that involve free diagnostics and oil changes. It seems that this is not […]

The first went: the auto industry leaves the Old World – Cars

Large manufacturers of “side-burning” and “loose” are also preparing for closure: to make a light bulb, a battery, and, moreover, tires, electricity is needed in industrial volumes, but they cannot provide it. Breaking the chain, even the very possibility of stopping the conveyor, sometimes leads to bankruptcy. There would be a “fat”, but the pandemic […]

Stuttgart service provider: Leadec scores with orders and jobs – Economy

The Stuttgart-based industrial service provider Leadec, which is also employed in many Mercedes and VW car factories, is benefiting from new orders and has 400 vacancies. While the transition to electromobility is causing business to break down, especially for suppliers, the transformation is opening up new opportunities for the Stuttgart-based medium-sized company Leadec. The industrial […]

Why the Moskvich plant will still be given for elite development

But something tells me: the country is anxious, except for the French, the rest of the Germans and the Japanese fled and the top wants not a personal gesheft with curbs, but life-affirming optimism for the crowd and a balanced decision for the cabinet. Having no skill, not understanding production, comprehending the automotive industry by […]

Better late than never: test drive Chery Tiggo 8 Pro Max

But Tiggo 8 Pro Max delights with balanced suspension and steering settings – the car does not fall in corners, does not scare with strong rolls, it goes strictly where the driver points, conscientiously working out road bumps. Unless at high, penalty speeds it starts to scour a little – you have to catch it. […]

Trucks will be produced in Russia under the new WOLV brand – Cars

The WOLV brand will hide the technique of “celestial” origin, or rather, the FC25 electric delivery truck. It is equipped with a modest 40-horsepower electric motor and can carry 4.5 cubic meters of cargo. The capacity of the traction battery is unknown, but, as Drom clarifies, the machine can travel up to 200 kilometers on […]