Scholz on Biden: Joint support for Ukraine

Olaf Scholz flew across the Atlantic for a brief face-to-face meeting with the US President. It is primarily about Ukraine, but much of the meeting remains secret. – Germany and the US want to continue to closely coordinate their support for Ukraine and their dealings with Russia. That is one of the main messages that […]

A trio with the blues in their blood

Erlenbach. “It was a repeat night,” says Ed Steenkist. The chairman of the Kult-U(h)r-Pur association from Erlenbach speaks of Mojo Hand’s concert at Schorsch, which attracted many music lovers despite the competition at carnival. Those who came did not regret it: With his blues project, the renowned guitarist Jürgen “Mojo” Schultz once again kept what […]

Now it’s fun to buy a car: there is complete chaos in terms of prices

If you were interested in how much your car was worth three years ago, you looked at used car search engines and found out how much it costs. You won’t know today. Colleague Gergő has been pursuing a special hobby for the past year and a half: he watches how the exchange rate of his […]

Brexit Decoded – KPMG Deutschland

Despite the trade and cooperation agreement between the European Union and Great Britain, which has been in force since January 1, 2021, there are still many uncertainties surrounding Great Britain’s exit from the EU. As the largest European trading partner of the British and Northern Irish, the German economy is particularly in the limelight. For […]

Fed continues fight against inflation

Washington/Frankfurt/M. (dpa), 02.02.2023 Inflation has recently eased somewhat in the US and the euro area. But consumer prices are still far too high. The Fed is now making it clear that cutting interest rates in the near future is not an option. – Following a moderate interest rate hike by the US Federal Reserve, the […]

six million for a Ducato! — Autoreview

Rewrite this content Despite the fact that most of the light truck market was almost monopolized by GAZ, which could only compete directly with the Elabuga Transit (which ceased production in the spring), imported European light trucks still enjoyed relatively stable, albeit low, demand. Well, what is happening with their market now – does it […]