A million problems: what fatal troubles await all owners of Kia and Hyundai today

– Let’s go over the specific, most popular models. What technical troubles most often overtake the owners of budgetex Let’s go to Rio and Hyundai Solaris? These cars are quite reliable. They have a simple and understandable design, and therefore those cars that regularly undergo maintenance, most often do not cause trouble to the owners […]

10 most fragile and unsafe foreign cars on the Russian market – Cars

According to German experts, a little less than 10,000,000 car owners visited technical centers during the year. This, as you understand, is about Germany. But the cars on which they came to the service, with might and main ride on our roads. It is gratifying that 69% of the cars that visited the maintenance points […]

Why Chinese cars will create big problems for Russian buyers

Body parts themselves are not cheap. Sometimes they cost even more than the “bodywork” on “people’s” German cars like the Volkswagen Polo or Opel Astra. And the “prices” for head optics, hoods and fenders for some Chinese models can be 1.5 times more expensive than the same parts for “Europeans”. Not surprisingly, insurers often scrap […]

Important Fluids in Cars That Must Be Checked After Lebaran Homecoming

loading… Important fluids in the car need to be checked after long trips, severe traffic jams and high durations such as going home for Eid. Photo/DOC. SINDONEWS.com JAKARTA – Some important fluids in the car need to be checked after long and high-duration trips such as going home for Eid or Eid. So, don’t let […]