EU and South Korea express concern about US EV purchase tax deduction “WTO violation” | Reuters

The European Union has expressed concern that a tax credit for electric vehicle buyers included in the US Senate’s appropriations and revenues bill passed on Monday could violate WTO rules. FILE PHOTO/Yves Herman/File Photo/Reuters/Yves Herman/File Photo [ブリュッセル 12日 ロイター] – The European Union and South Korea have threatened to violate World Trade Organization (WTO) rules […]

Focus: Russian Army “Nuclear Attack” Ripples, Careful Concerning Construction Plans in Each Country | Reuters

[Washington, 4th Reuters]-Russia’s bombardment and suppression of Europe’s largest Zaporozh’e nuclear power plant in Ukraine has forced policymakers and companies to be more cautious about plans to build nuclear reactors as a measure against climate change. It should be an attitude. Nuclear safety experts said yesterday. With Russia’s bombardment and suppression of Europe’s largest Zaporozh’e […]

Germany argues against “nuclear power is sustainable” EU proposal rejected | Reuters

The German government has submitted a formal counter-argument to the draft of the European Union (EU), which positions nuclear power as a sustainable source of energy. The photo is the last nuclear power plant in Germany scheduled to be decommissioned. Taken in December last year (2022 Reuters / Lukas Barth) [Berlin, 22nd Reuters]–The German government […]