A lawyer from Alzira manages to surrender to the truck cartel

A lawyer from Alzira has obtained six of the first fifteen confirmed sentences last week by the Supreme Court against the truck cartelwhich oblige manufacturers to pay 5% of the vehicle price plus interest to truck buyers between 1997 and 2011 considering the justice that the brands involved agreed on the sale prices and caused […]

Miquel Zaragoza’s Poster to Announce Holy Week in Altea 2023

A poster by Miquel Zaragoza will announce Holy Week in AlteaDiego Coello Calvo A poster made by the painter Miquel Zaragoza Llorens will announce this year’s Holy Week in Altea. The work, an image of the Nazarene painted in black on a white background and made “with the poster technique of xylography on wood,” according […]

Residents of Alicante Combat Bad Behavior with Clever Visual Campaign

A neighbor finds a controversial sign painted on a street in AlicanteALEX DOMINGUEZ Few weapons are more powerful than humor, capable of taking the most common message to the other side of the world or turning the most boring of recommendations viral. So, what better than to apply humor against the uncivil. so they have […]

The full lineup of the Concert Music Festival 2023 in Chiclana

The VI Edition of Concert Music Festival 2023 is approaching Cadiz. The music festival that has been among the best on the national and international scene returns this summer to Chiclana. And the incomparable setting of the town of Sancti Petri will again host moments that will remain forever in the memory of the public […]

Raid Red Bull on suspicion of a cartel!

Fuschl/Brussels. The EU Commission raided Salzburg-based energy drink maker Red Bull on Monday on suspicion of illegal collusion and violations of EU antitrust rules. On Tuesday morning, the Commission announced the launch of an investigation into a company operating in the energy drink industry in several EU countries. The reason for the raid was explained […]