Successfully Cured 15 Covid-19 Patients, Hospitals in Klaten …

Grid.ID – There is no corona virus vaccine that can be used widely, nor is there a specific drug to treat this disease. Various methods were taken by the hospital to treat Covid-19 patients. But apparently not just medicine alone, there is a unique way by the RSUD Bagas Waras Klaten to strive for the […]

Volker Ullrich: Chronicle of the last week of the Third Reich after Hitler’s death

Siegfried Unseld was one of the first to know. As a marine radio operator, the then twenty-year-old Suhrkamp publisher was one of the radio squads that transmitted messages from the naval commander-in-chief, Grand Admiral Dönitz, in the last few weeks of the war. Unseld’s radio station at Dönitz’s improvised headquarters in Plön in Holstein was […]

After a whole family is poisoned, when will eating “catfish” be toxic?

05:00 PM Sunday 23 February 2020 I wrote – Shaima Morsi A couple and their three children were suffering from food poisoning after eating a caramel meal at home in Al Rahmania Center, Beheira Governorate. In this regard, we explain to you the types of catfish and its harmful effects on health, according to what […]

Tinder prohibits the Instagram model for being too sexy

The Instagram model, Holly Valentine, claims that Tinder banned her from the application because her matches reported that her account was false. The Los Angeles-based aspiring model enrolled in an unspecified premium account with the dating application that allegedly cost the 26-year-old woman $ 86. Unfortunately, she was never able to fully utilize the app’s […]