This is America video reaches 100 million views

IMAGE FROM YOUTUBE Shot in a giant hangar, the video of This is America rapper Childish Gambino has become a social phenomenon, endlessly commented on on social networks. FRANCE MEDIA AGENCY Posted on May 13, 2018 at 6:25 p.m. The shock video of rapper Childish Gambino, who questions American society about its relationship to racism, […]

New York, the capital of rock

Rock ‘n’ roll was born in the South of the United States, it is a heard matter. It was only below the Mason-Dixie Line that this wedding could flourish between the blues of the cotton fields sung by the slaves and the country inherited from the folklore of European immigrants. In contact with large cities, […]

Childish Gambino suspected of plagiarism for his song This is America

Everything was going for the best in the best of all possible worlds for Donald Glover. The actor turned rapper had panicked the Web with the clip This is America, exceeding 100 million views in seven days (it now has three times). He even announced an international tour, with a single date in Paris in […]


America is somewhat forgotten, except in the minds of her early admirers. They have not forgotten his masterpiece called A Horse With No Name. A title that had ensured a … America. (Ph : DR) America is somewhat forgotten, except in the minds of her early admirers. They have not forgotten his baptized masterpiece A Horse […]

Lana Del Rey composes song, Looking for America, to condemn shootings

Very affected by the events of last weekend in the United States, the New York singer posted a song in tribute to the victims on Instagram. With “Looking for America”, Lana Del Rey responds in song to the shootings of El Paso and Dayton Hahn Lionel / Hahn Lionel / ABACA The shootings that occurred […]

Ex-Goo Hara sentenced for blackmail that would have killed the K-pop star

The ex-boyfriend of K-pop (Korean pop music) star Goo Hara, who died in 2019, was sentenced to one year in prison by a Seoul Court of Appeal on Thursday for blackmailing him with sexual videos, contributing to his apparent suicide. His former companion, Choi Jong-bum, had appealed after receiving a suspended prison sentence last year […]

When Mick Jagger signs autographs on a Breton woman’s anti-virus masks

Great satisfaction. This is what Aline Militzer felt when she opened her mail on June 15. The Bretonne de Ploubezre, in the Côtes-d’Armor, did not expect to receive an envelope sent by Mick Jagger in person. Inside, a mask signed by the singer, which the fifty-something had addressed to him three weeks before. As reported […]

Aboard his Ferrari, Fianso leads Zeguerre to success

After Amsterdam, Pristina, Porto and Frankfurt Sofiane Zermami decided to settle down to give a boost to one of his foals. Zeguerre, 27, is one of the last artists signed to the Affranchis Music label, an attractive street talent factory. The Lyonnais was noted during its passage in Enter the Circle, a program broadcast on […]

With Wash Us In the Blood, Kanye West composes a prayer for America

The billionaire rapper has just released a new clip illustrating the dark hours in the United States. By Le Figaro with AFP Wash Us In the Blood multiplies biblical references on images of an America on the verge of explosion. Capture Youtube Kanye West American rapper Kanye West released a new song on Tuesday, Wash […]