Ex-Goo Hara sentenced for blackmail that would have killed the K-pop star

The ex-boyfriend of K-pop (Korean pop music) star Goo Hara, who died in 2019, was sentenced to one year in prison by a Seoul Court of Appeal on Thursday for blackmailing him with sexual videos, contributing to his apparent suicide. His former companion, Choi Jong-bum, had appealed after receiving a suspended prison sentence last year […]

When Mick Jagger signs autographs on a Breton woman’s anti-virus masks

Great satisfaction. This is what Aline Militzer felt when she opened her mail on June 15. The Bretonne de Ploubezre, in the Côtes-d’Armor, did not expect to receive an envelope sent by Mick Jagger in person. Inside, a mask signed by the singer, which the fifty-something had addressed to him three weeks before. As reported […]

Aboard his Ferrari, Fianso leads Zeguerre to success

After Amsterdam, Pristina, Porto and Frankfurt Sofiane Zermami decided to settle down to give a boost to one of his foals. Zeguerre, 27, is one of the last artists signed to the Affranchis Music label, an attractive street talent factory. The Lyonnais was noted during its passage in Enter the Circle, a program broadcast on […]

With Wash Us In the Blood, Kanye West composes a prayer for America

The billionaire rapper has just released a new clip illustrating the dark hours in the United States. By Le Figaro with AFP Wash Us In the Blood multiplies biblical references on images of an America on the verge of explosion. Capture Youtube Kanye West American rapper Kanye West released a new song on Tuesday, Wash […]

K-Pop group Blackpink breaks record for most watched clip on YouTube in one day

The girls band dethrones BTS with the video of the song How You Like That published on the platform Friday. In 24 hours, it was viewed 82.4 million times. Jennie, Lisa, Rosé and Jisoo break the previous record set by their male BTS counterparts. YouTube screenshot Nothing seems to be able to stop Jennie, Lisa, […]

At least two billion euros in losses for the music sector due to the epidemic

Questioned by France Musique, the president of the National Music Center Jean-Philippe Thiellay spoke of the dramatic consequences of the pandemic on a music sector in danger. By Le Figaro The halt in music production due to the covid-19 pandemic puts the sector at risk. AFP A crisis “of abysmal gravity” Jean-Philippe Thiellay, did not […]

“The song Corona-Minus accompanies children to live better with the virus”

Aldebert learned that France was entering containment the day he returned from Reunion Island where he was actively preparing his new album Childishness 4. The blow was hard. But the singer was not let down. Not content with shooting videos, “Le tour de la maison” which hit home on its Facebook page (episode 3 exceeded […]

With “Corona-Minus”, Aldebert educates children

STORY OF THE DAY – The hero of the little ones has imagined a song and a clip on barrier gestures. It will be broadcast on France Télévisions from May 22. The singer Aldebert, star of the playground, but not only. BERTRAND GUAY / AFP Should we introduce the singer Aldebert, this indisputable star of […]

Greta Thunberg announces the end of the world in the new clip for Pearl Jam

Melting ice, rising waters and disappearance of species … The young Swedish girl plays clairvoyant in the video of the very ecological piece Retrograde. By Le Figaro In this clip as in reality, Greta Thunberg plays a whistleblower regarding the climate. YouTube / Pearl Jam screenshot Speech rebellious at the UN, crossing the Atlantic by […]

Veganism, Trump, deforestation … Moby, engaged like never in his new album

Richard Melville Hall puts his fights in the ambient electro disc to music All Visible Objects which has just appeared. Recently, Moby has been sporting a “Vegan for life” tattoo on the neck. DPA / ABACA Scuttling himself? Moby is an expert. After achieving success in the late 1990s with Play, the singer-producer seems to […]