Britney Spears’ husband aims for Marvel role

Sam Asghari, the husband of former pop star Britney Spearsis an up and coming actor and is now reportedly determined to land a role with Marvel. The 28-year-old Asghariwho has played bit part roles in other movies in the past, but is a model and personal trainer by trade, now has high hopes of a […]

Chris Evans to Chilean journalist: ‘Are you trying to set me up with Shakira?’

Actor Chris Evans has been promoting his new ‘Buzz Lightyear’ film that comes out on June 17 worldwide, he was already asked about Shakira on the red carpet of the film’s premiere. However, a Chilean journalist wen’t a little further by showing him some memes of the love triangle with Henry Cavill. Initially, Evans laughed […]

Travis Scott sued for wrongful death after Astroworld tragedy

The tragedy that occurred at Astroworld last November continues to generate consequences for all involved, including Travis Scottwho is being sued by a woman for wrongful death, who claims she suffered serious injuries during the event that caused her to miscarry. Scott is not the only one being sued, as defendants also include Live Nation, […]