Xiaomi presented its new smartphone with a 200MP camera

Xiaomi had something else prepared for this year in terms of its high range (of course, because of the medium and low it launches practically every month) and as we had told you days ago, it is the series 12T the one who was chosen for that, having the Pro model as the main star. […]

What are the best cell phones of 2022?

The time to change the cell phone can be overwhelming. New devices are constantly appearing, models that displace the previous ones and that improve performance to surprising levels. The best brands can be recognized from knowing which are the best-selling and most used equipment according to their performance and effectiveness. Huawei, Motorola, Apple, Samsung and […]

WhatsApp will stop working on Apple’s iPhone in October: complete list

The application has been making modifications, such as the creation of communities, to improve the experience of its userswho now not only use it for personal matters, but also for work. (See also: Many have misused it: the true meaning of the emoji with a smoke face) For those updates to be possible, WhatsApp will […]

Commodity Miami MDF and MDP Entertainment Center

Main Features: Find only the best in furniture for your home, such as the commodity entertainment center, Miami model. Contemporary style furniture made of MDF and mdp with space for a 42″ screen, ideal for renovating the living room of your home, giving it a new and different touch. Other features: Ample space for electronics […]

[VIDEO] New York: A technology city par excellence

World Sunday 18, September 2022 22:25 Hrs Most likely, you have one in your hands or in your pockets right now, and I’m not talking about the remote control, but about our cell phones. Just like our cell phones, there are thousands of technological devices that are renewed year after year. Matías Olguín traveled to […]