Pindad Maung Type Test Certification Constrained by Permission from Toyota

JAKARTA, – PT Pindad (Persero)’s efforts to market light tactical (rantis) vehicles, Pindad Maung are constrained by permission from the Toyota brand holder in Indonesia. This was revealed by the Director of Road Transport Facilities at the Ministry of Transportation, Danto Restyawan, in a talk entitled “The Role of Conversion Workshops and Financing Agencies […]

Observer about iPhone 14: The enthusiasm will be higher than the previous product – iPhone 14 has been registered and passed certification from the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo). It seems that this smartphone made by Apple will soon be released in Indonesia. The details of when is still a mystery. However, based on information, next November the device can be adopted by Indonesian users. Seeing […]

Mediaclip: “A good place to work” | Informatic direction

Mediaclip, a Montreal-based software solutions company for product customization, has just been awarded “Great Place to Work” certification by the organization of the same name. Great Place to Work, an organization specializing in high-trust, high-performance workplace culture, recognizes the best places to work. It employs proprietary assessment tools, consulting services, and certification programs. Its results […]

Food: Fileni, we aim for a better sustainable supply chain – ANSAcom

MILANO 10 March 202209:46 ANSAcom Being “the best supply chain in Europe for the well-being of people and animals” is the ambitious goal to which Fileni, the first Italian and European producer of organically farmed poultry meat and the third player in the national poultry sector, aims. The Group based in Cingoli (Macerata) in […]

Red and White Vaccine Receives Certification, MUI: The Law is Holy and Halal

PEOPLE’S MIND – Finally, the Red and White Vaccine was given halal certification by the Institute for the Study of Food, Drugs, and Cosmetics of the Indonesian Ulema Council (LPPOM MUI). The vaccine made in Indonesia, which was developed by Airlangga University and PT Biotis Pharmaceutical, shows significant developments. Previously, in phase 1 clinical trials, […]