28 teams will take part in Veterans League Soccer 8

The National Football and Amateur Commission of the Ceuta Football Federation held a telematic meeting this Thursday with the teams registered in the Football 8 Veterans League, to report on the development of this competition, which is scheduled to start next Monday, the 15th of November. The fields ‘José Benoliel’ and ‘José Martínez –Pirri-‘ will […]

Free way to deconfine one of the Tarajal ships | Ceuta Television | Ceuta News

One of the El Tarajal warehouses used to isolate coronavirus-positive immigrants is going to be unconfined. This has been confirmed to Ceuta Televisión by sources from the Autonomous City of Ceuta. The reason is the drop in the number of cases in that ship, after the healing of all the people who were isolated in […]

Almost 25% of opponents do not appear, why? | Ceuta Television | Ceuta News

23.1% of applicants for one of the places in Secondary and FP have not taken the exam held yesterday in our city. A percentage “higher” than usual, which in any case does not usually drop below 15%, according to what the educational unions tell Ceuta Televisión. But what happened this time, in which above “the […]

Morocco rejects an EU resolution on the instrumental use of migrants in Ceuta

AGI – The Moroccan government has rejected and called “full of falsehoods” the resolution voted yesterday by the European Parliament that accuses Rabat of instrumental use of migrants to put pressure on Spain. The reference is to the sudden opening of the border with the Spanish exclave of Ceuta, last month, which poured thousands of […]

Learning communities: a step towards the future of education

The Learning Communities are a project for the social and cultural transformation of schools and their environment aimed at overcoming school failure and eliminating conflicts that is based on dialogic learning and participatory community education. In other words, the learning community considers education and coexistence as part of the social and cultural transformation of the […]

UGT organizes the First Online Training Plan UGT-Ciudad Autónoma

This training action is aimed at public employees of the City and its Autonomous Bodies, however, workers from Municipal Companies and even from other Administrations may also participate if there are vacancies available. The duration of the training action will be 60 teaching hours and will run from November 9 to December 15. As it […]

Migrant detected on board of rubber boat adrift in the Mediterranean – Portugal

A Portuguese Air Force aircraft detected a vessel with a migrant aboard a rubber vessel adrift in the Mediterranean. The discovery of the past 28 September came during an FA operation, on a mission by the European Border and Coast Guard Agency – FRONTEX, to monitor maritime borders in southern Spain. According to a statement, […]