Steve Jordan, the new Rolling Stones metronome

PORTRAIT – The renowned studio drummer succeeds Charlie Watts, who passed away on August 24. At 64, he embarked on a stadium tour with rock veterans. A late catch of light for a musician with an already busy career. The studio musicians, eternal supporting role, have this “chance” to be able to touch the light […]

Index – Culture – Hobo: I am a tied up beast who restrains himself

2021.08.28. 10:35 The guest of the arútluK podcast: László Földes Hobo László Földes, Hobo heard the Little Red Rooster in the watchtower of the Mezőtúr barracks for the first time in November 1964, and he has considered the Rolling Stones to be the best band in the world ever since. Members of a small group […]

Charlie Watts determined the sound of the Rolling Stones, more …

One of the best rock drummers in the world is dead. The always cool Charlie Watts spent almost sixty years behind the drums with the Rolling Stones. What was his influence on the band? And what made him so good? We talk about it with Mario Goossens, the drummer of Triggerfinger and big fan of […]

Watch Charlie Watts’ last ever performance with Rolling Stones

It was a high Watt-age performance that occurred during a “crossfire hurricane.” The late and great Charlie Watts managed to end his storied career of nearly 60 years with The Rolling Stones with a bang — by putting on an electrifying final show at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium, as a hurricane loomed. At the time, […]

Rolling Stones: Who sets the rhythm – opinion

When Charlie Watts, who died on Tuesday, started working for the Rolling Stones Playing blues and rock, the jazz drummers had already fought for the role of virtuoso. In early rock they were still service providers. You set the rhythm. Important, but never as glamorous as standing at the edge of the stage. Technically, Watts […]

Charlie Watts: the story of the curious collection of cars he could never drive

Charlie Watts (1941-2021) was not only the drummer for one of the most legendary bands in history, such as the Rolling Stones. Too he was passionate about cars. And for that reason, taking advantage of the fortune of 250 million dollars that he reaped in his musical career, he gave himself some goodies although never […]