Cinema Hamburg: Where the actor Charly Hübner feels at home

Cinema Hamburg Where the actor Charly Hübner feels at home Updated: 09/22/2022, 07:45 | Reading time: 3 minutes The actor Charly Hübner plays a leading role in the film adaptation of Dörte Hansen’s bestseller “Mittagsstunden” (archive photo). Foto: IMAGO / Future Image Hübner plays a leading role […]

In pink t-shirts, Charly joins the month against breast cancer

Editorial Mediotiempo Mexico City / 30.09.2021 21:47:31 During four days of the month of October the six teams that you saw Charly, the Mexican sportswear brand, will use a special edition pink sweater as part of the actions in the month against breast cancer. These kinds of actions have been carried out in the last […]

Near Lyon: 140,000m² of agricultural land removed for a future cemetery?

According to the city of Charly, the Métropole de Lyon is preparing to use 140,000m² of its agricultural land to build a new cemetery. According to Olivier Araujo, the mayor of Charly, near Lyon, the Métropole de Lyon informed him that 140,000m2 of agricultural land in the municipality was to be used to build the […]