How to Check-In PeduliProtect Via Mobile Browser, It’s Quite Easy It Turns Out!

PR TASKMALAYA – The PeduliLindung application has been available on Android and iOS for a long time, with various updates to the application. However, not everyone uses PeduliLindung in application form for various reasons stated. From the Android version that must be a new version, the current problem check-in through the PeduliProtect application and memory […]

Airports: long queues at the start of the holidays | free press

Additional staff was hired to cope with the increased number of passengers. Despite this, there were long queues. Frankfurt/Main/Cologne/Bonn. After the start of the summer holidays in Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland, there was a heavy rush of passengers at Frankfurt Airport on Saturday. Long queues formed in front of the check-in counters in the departure […]

Baden-Württemberg is getting out of Luca-App

When visiting the hairdresser, in the cinema or in the restaurant, checking in with the Luca app is now almost as normal as showing the 2G proof. This should soon be over in Baden-Württemberg. Because the state government has announced that it will not extend the contract with the private software operator, which is due […]