New restrictions will be limited to territories, says Lacerda Sales

Two days from an extraordinary Council of Ministers, scheduled for Saturday, to define measures to control the pandemic, António Lacerda Sales said that “all countries will start to adopt restrictive measures at the territorial level, more circumscribed”. “And these restrictions will certainly be at the most territorial level, so that other territories that are not […]

Do women stop wanting sex as they get older? Study clarifies myth – World

Is women’s loss of interest in sex really related to age and aging? The answer may have been unveiled in a new study that followed more than 3,200 women for about 15 years in order to understand the link between age and sexual desire. According to the study, cited by CNN, “about a quarter of […]

Face-to-face consultations in health centers halve

Joana Amorim 28 August 2020 at 07:41 In July, 819 thousand fewer visits were made than a year ago. Telephone inquiries double. Last July, 940 thousand face-to-face consultations were held in Primary Health Care (CSP), which represents a 47% drop compared to the same period last year. There are less 819 thousand calls, almost half […]