New York’s dizzying new platform

One more observatory in the New York sky. The highly anticipated Edge opened on Wednesday March 11. Located on the 100th floor of one of the buildings in Hudson Yards, the new West Manhattan neighborhood, this panoramic outdoor vantage point is the highest in the city and the tallest in the West. It is ahead […]

5 good shopping addresses at reasonable prices

Shops, Manhattan has thousands. Big, small, famous, confidential. In short, impossible to push all the doors, even with the help of a guide who classifies them by category. To find your way around, here are five addresses. None in the luxury category, none for the hysterical fashionista, none for the die-hard hypster. But all for […]

insurance becomes compulsory in 23 countries

This is a direct consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic: in principle optional, travel insurance covering any costs related to illness on site is becoming compulsory to visit certain countries. The list is growing from 6 states to 23 to date. And this is certainly just the start. Before the health crisis, only China, Cuba, Mongolia, […]

Architecture and travel: concrete weekend in Le Havre

Often misunderstood, Le Havre has dragged its reputation as an ugly city since its post-war reconstruction. To avoid this pitfall, the best solution is to put yourself back in the context of the time and to visit, upon arrival, the model apartment of Auguste Perret. The architect in charge of making Le Havre its splendor […]

New York in 5 remarkable hotels

Special Envoy to New York, A flagship American destination, New York attracted 65.2 million visitors in 2018, including 13.5 foreign tourists and 807,000 French. With a figure up 5.2% compared to 2017, France ranks 4th among the countries across the Atlantic to have eaten the Big Apple, behind Great Britain, China and Brazil. And the […]

five steps for a roadtrip away from the crowds between Casinca and Castagniccia

A medieval pearl and a panorama of Elba Island Located at the gates of Bastia, the Casinca is a micro-region unknown to tourists coming to Corsica. To reach it, just leave the T10 road which goes towards Porto-Vecchio and go up to the village of Vescovato. Surrounding a rocky python, its tall medieval houses give […]

Portugal reopens its land border on July 1 and hopes to start its tourist season

In Portugal, the date was eagerly awaited. This July 1, the country sees its land border with its big neighbor, Spain, reopen officially and without restrictions. Since midnight yesterday, therefore, tourists and the hundreds of thousands of Portuguese emigrants in Europe have been able to travel to the country by road for their summer holidays, […]