“High alert”: China’s military is ready for the Taiwan issue

There is more and more tension in that part of the world. As is known, Taiwan considers itself as an independent country, however, to Chinathe island is nothing more than a “rebellious province”. Thus, today, the official spokesman for the Ministry of Defense of ChinaTan Kefei, assured that the People’s Liberation Army (EPL) “is always […]

US military chief warns China could attack Taiwan this year

loading… US military chief has warned China could attack Taiwan this year. Photo/Illustration WASHINGTON – Fear of the outbreak of a Third World War has increased after Chinese President Xi Jinping said the option of an invasion of Taiwan is always on the table. Meanwhile, a US military chief warned that the move could happen […]

Big Chinese Navy, Warships Very Capable of Blocking Taiwan

loading… The United States military recognizes the strength of the Chinese Navy is very large and is very capable of blockading Taiwan with its warships. Photos/REUTERS WASHINGTON – The United States (US) military recognizes the strength of the Navy (AL) China very capable of blocking Taiwan with his warships. That was stated by the commander […]

Specifications of Fujian, China’s Most Advanced Aircraft Carrier

loading… The aircraft carrier Fujian is China’s new flagship. Photo/Chinese Internet BEIJING – China launched its third most advanced aircraft carrier, Fujian. The launch will take place in Shanghai in June 2022. The Type 003 aircraft carrier Fujian is an aircraft carrier that uses a gas pressure catapult launcher (CATOBAR) system as well as an […]

Ukraine War Will Change China’s Invasion Plans

loading… Taiwan’s defense minister said the challenges Russia faced during its invasion of Ukraine would force China to change its own invasion guidelines. Photo/Illustration TAIPEI – Challenges faced Russia during his invasion of Ukraine will force China to change its own invasion guidelines. This was stated by the Minister of Defense Taiwan Wednesday (20/4/2022). The […]

Taiwan’s Allies Will Be Zero

loading… Pedestrians cross the Taiwan flag in Taipei. Photo/REUTERS BEIJING – Taiwan has found itself with fewer allies in recent years as a number of countries shifted their recognition of the Chinese government, from Taipei to Beijing. The most recent shift occurred last month when Nicaragua recognized China. “It’s a matter of time before Taiwan’s […]

Chinese Army Oaths to Destroy Taiwan Separatism

loading… BEIJING – Military China has warned it will resolutely destroy any attempt to separate Taiwan from China. The statement came a day after sharing videos of “surprise” troops making beach landings and assault drills just across the sea from the island. In an editorial in its newspaper, the PLA Daily, the Chinese military expressed […]

China Urges US to Withdraw Troops from Taiwan

loading… BEIJING – China ask United States of America (US) to abide by its agreement to withdraw troops from Taiwan . This statement is in response to reports that mention special forces The US trains Taiwan’s military. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian urged the US to uphold the consensus that led Washington to cut […]

China Vows To Destroy Taiwan, US Ready To Assemble

loading… BEIJING – China swear to destroy Taiwan after assuming the island merged with the enemy force, that is United States of America (USA) and Australia. Washington does not remain silent and is ready to support Taipei. Beijing’s threat to destroy Taipei came after China sent 77 warplanes to Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ) […]