La Plata: they call a clandestine party with a chinstrap in full quarantine

The invitation ask those who participate to bring their own drinks and “enter with a mask” only at 1.30 in the morning, to dance “techno cachengue”, according to the site 0221. clandestine silver party.jpg It is not the first clandestine party that takes place in the area. Both in Berisso and in Altos de San […]

Sex with chinstrap: spread tips for relationships in quarantine

Experts say that stable couples should take care of/web Away from the flurry of births that many predicted once you overcome the confinement, quarantine does not seem to get along very well with the sex. So, at least, give it to understand different surveys all over the world who come in revealing that the sex […]

recommend lower exercise intensity

The doctor of the Municipal Hospital Graciela González Prieto and the sports doctor Carlos Carrizo spoke with The new one. on the use of the mask during physical activity, which next Monday will be enabled in Bahía Blanca individually. González Prieto indicated that activity with a mask “is a greater requirement because oxygenation is not […]