Chris Rock jokes about slap after Smith’s apology

The last friday Will Smith issued a public apology for the comedian via video, however, Rock joked about the slap again this weekend. Comedian offered a stand-up show at the Fox Theaterin Atlanta, being his first appearance since Will’s apology. Everybody’s trying to be a fucking victim Chris Rock “Everyone is trying to be a […]

Chris Rock continues to joke about Will Smith slap after apology | Entertainment

Chris Rock has continued to joke about being slapped by Will Smith following the actor’s apology video. The 57-year-old comedian did not directly address the incident at the Oscars at his gig in Atlanta on Friday (29.07.22) but continued to poke fun at the controversy on stage. According to CNN, he joked at the gig: […]

Chris Rock’s brother has a strange theory about Will Smith’s slap

The last edition of the prizes Oscar left many unforgettable moments, but perhaps the one that will go down in history will be the one starring the actors Will Smith y Chris Rockafter the latter made a heavy joke about the wife of the latter, Jada Pinkettabout his alopecia problem. From this embarrassing episode that […]

Chris Rock and Lake Bell relationship confirmed by comedian’s brother | NOW

Tony Rock confirms to TMZ that his brother and comedian Chris Rock is in a relationship with actress Lake Bell. The couple has been photographed together several times. Tony Rock jokes to the entertainment site that he’s happy his brother’s love life is “finally being discussed”. He says he hasn’t met Bell yet. Chris Rock, […]

Will Smith continues to receive awards despite the altercation at the Oscars

Three months after the incident at the last edition of the Oscars, where Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock on stage, the actor was victorious at the BET Awards after being recognized for his performance in the film King Richard. At the ceremony, which took place on Sunday, June 26, the famous Hollywood actor was […]

A Bugatti Chiron: Chris Rock’s ‘revenge’ against Will Smith

The American comedian assured that he will only talk about the slap that Will Smith gave him if they pay him the whopping amount of 3 million dollars. June 19, 2022 2:44 p.m. Will Smith was banned from the Academy for 10 years after he slapped Chris Rock during the ceremony of Oscar Awards in […]

Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle to Ziggo Dome together | NOW

Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle will be together in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam on Wednesday 7 September. The American comedians each give a separate show. Rock returned to the stages a few years ago and was then also in the Ziggo Dome. The comedian and award-winning actor is known for mixing trivial topics with […]