Chris Rock unleashes controversy for comment on Amber Heard.

It seems that Chris Rock he didn’t learn his lesson after that tremendous slap he gave him Will Smith during the 94th edition of the awards Oscar due to a joke in bad taste that the comedian made about the appearance of Jada Pinkett Smith, who suffers from alopecia. What actions will the Academy take […]

Will Smith. Chris Rock’s mom talks about the slap: “you hurt me,” she says

The strong slap that Will Smith gave to Chris Rock During the live broadcast of the Oscar Awards ceremony, he continues to give what to talk about. The fact was recorded when the comedian was presenting a category and decided to make a joke about the alopeciaa medical condition that suffers Jada Pinket Smith. Moments […]

Liza Minnelli was forced to sit in a wheelchair at the Oscars

Singer-pianist Michael Jay Feinstein, a close friend of the acting legend, put it this way, Liza Minnelli was “sabotaged” – because she herself didn’t want to win the Oscar for Best Film at this year’s awards ceremony. Many began to worry about the health of the acting legend when they saw him handing over the […]

Will Smith walks to luxury clinic after Oscar scandal

Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock in front of the eyes of the whole world in response to a little tasteful joke he had baked to the detriment of Jada Pinkett Smith. The case has been a consequence, and Smith seems to have a hard time processing what happened. Scandal and interlude The 94th Oscar […]