Top managers of Deutsche Bank should forego salary

Frankfurt Deutsche Bank boss Christian Sewing has a new mantra: “This time we are part of the solution.” Unlike the financial crisis, the bank should not be a burden but a blessing for society during the pandemic. Sewing apparently sees the corona crisis as an opportunity to repair the battered image of the money house. […]

“The question of state aid does not arise”

Frankfurt Deutsche Bank is still at the very beginning of the corona crisis. The feared wave of bad loans has not yet reached the largest domestic money house. But CEO Christian Sewing makes it clear that the bank wants to get through the pandemic without state aid. “Thanks to our strategic realignment coupled with the […]

Deutsche Bank elects Sigmar Gabriel to the Supervisory Board

Dhe shareholders of Deutsche Bank have elected the SPD politician and former Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel to the Supervisory Board. This is the result of the general meeting of the largest German money house on Wednesday evening. Gabriel’s appointment had triggered criticism in January – as is so often the case when former top politicians switched […]

Are part of the solution in the Corona crisis

Dhe Deutsche Bank sees itself well equipped for the corona crisis and wants to use it for additional business. The bank is in such a strong position today as it has not in many years, says CEO Christian Sewing in his speech to the general meeting this Wednesday, which was published in advance as a […]

Investors refuse to buy back shares from Deutsche Bank

Annual General Meeting of Deutsche Bank 2019 There will not be that much closeness between CEO Christian Sewing (left) and Supervisory Board boss Paul Achleitner at this year’s online general meeting of Deutsche Bank. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt Lots of questions, little folklore – measured by the usual drama, the online general meeting of Deutsche Bank […]

Annette Messemer: Influential banker

WAs far as the view is concerned, Annette Messemer’s career can hardly be increased: In Frankfurt she looks out of an old building window directly at the Alte Oper, in Paris she looks at the Eiffel Tower. The trained investment banker, born in 1964 in the Palatinate, commutes between the two cities and their various […]

Urgewald attacks Deutsche Bank because of its environmental sins

The Abbot Point coal terminal From here, coal from the controversial Carmichel coal mine of the Indian group Adani is to be shipped. Deutsche Bank has placed a bond for Adani. It justifies itself that the proceeds from it may not be used for the coal mine in Australia. (Photo: DAVID MAURICE SMITH / The […]

Deka wants to discharge the board of directors and the supervisory board of Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank CEO Christian Sewing The fund company Union Investment already announced last week that it would vote to discharge the board of directors and the supervisory board. (Photo: Reuters) Frankfurt Deutsche Bank major shareholder Deka wants to stand behind the management board and supervisory board of Germany’s largest financial institution at the general meeting. […]

How reliable are foreign banks in the crisis?

NAfter the surprising quarterly profit and a loan portfolio that grew by a rare 6 percent between the beginning of January and the end of March, Deutsche Bank sensed the chance to regain lost territory in Germany. Similar to the financial crisis, when foreign banks, including the British Royal Bank of Scotland and the French […]

Regulators criticize the lack of progress at Deutsche Bank

Improving ailing relationships with regulators is a top priority for Christiana Riley. A third of her time is reserved for this, the American head of Deutsche Bank said in an interview with the Handelsblatt in December. “If that doesn’t work, then the energy is wasted on other things,” she said. So far, however, little has […]