The dinosaur banks are late

NAnd so Yomo: The banking portal of the savings banks, which was originally intended to compete with neo-banks like N26, is closing. It was a long affair, which has now come to an end: With many advance laurels started in 2016, you never really got off the mark and lost yourself in small-scale business, only […]

You can earn a lot with oil tankers

Tugs bring an oil tanker to a port terminal in east China’s Shandong Province. Picture: dpa Because of the overcrowded oil warehouse, a big business with tankers suddenly waves. However, private investors who have sunk a lot of money with ship funds can hardly benefit from the new situation. EOil tankers are currently not just […]

The world of negative prices

The official price for a barrel of West Texas Intermediate oil (WTI. Picture: dpa Savings rates, bond yields, electricity on the stock exchange and now also oil: Many prices that you never thought would suddenly become negative. Is there a common cause for this? I.On the night of Tuesday, even very experienced oil specialists rubbed […]

Inflation: Oil pushes prices down

DThe oil price on the world markets fell significantly again at the beginning of the week, despite all the efforts of the oil countries – and should therefore continue to keep inflation low in Germany. The oil cartel obviously does not manage to drive up the price as requested by the producing countries. On Monday […]

In the beginning, interest rates rise

Interest rate comparison via an internet portal Picture: dpa When the financial markets get really tight, the banks rediscover their love for savers. However, this is usually not permanent. EIt sounded like a glimmer of light in the dark. Does everything bad have its good? Internet platforms such as “overnight money comparison” were enthusiastically reporting: […]