Murder Laura Ziliani, the body of the former security guard hidden for months

The body of Laura Ziliani, a 55-year-old ex-warden, ex-warden and municipal employee in Roncadelle, in the province of Brescia, would have been hidden for months after her death. For the murder of the woman on September 24, the two daughters, Silvia and Paola Zani, and Mirto Milani, the partner of one of the two girls, […]

“Green Pass is not for public health” • Imola Oggi

Marco Rizzo – video Radio Radio TV – Let’s talk about this famous Green Pass. The government says it is a measure to protect public health and I would like to go and check if this is true. It seems clear to me that this is not the case: who wants to protect public health […]

Bild, yet another massacre of whales in the Faroe Islands – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, SEPTEMBER 23 – Just ten days after the brutal massacre of 1,428 dolphins, a new slaughter took place in the Faroe Islands, where 52 pilot whales were killed, according to reports from the German Bild. The so-called ‘Grindadrap’, the bloody hunt for cetaceans on the shore, is a centuries-old tradition in the […]

flurry of resignations of nurses and doctors • Imola Oggi

There is a string of resignations of nurses and doctors across the region, with the shortage of staff exceeding 25%. And the unexpected release of significant numbers of specialized figures also raises the alarm for the functioning of the services provided. “Our proposals? They lie in the drawers of the department ”, explains the secretary […]

Health adrift moral • Imola Today

by Adriano Segatori – Once there was talk of “masters” to indicate those significant figures who with word and example became guides in the profession and lifestyles to be imitated.One of these was, for me, Ennio Demitri, head of the Monfalcone Emergency Department, in the times when – mid-70s – the diagnosis was made with […]

200 no vax doctors suspended • Imola Today

About 200 no vax doctors suspended in Italy. “In September we will have a complete picture of the doctors suspended from the ASL because they are not vaccinated against Covid, at the moment there are about 150-200. Not having precise data, however, we can estimate that there are not a thousand non-immunized colleagues, but in […]

in a letter the reasons for the insane gesture

He killed his wife and daughter and then took his own life. “Such a gesture can never be explained. The reasons are so bland, that just …”. Speaking is the prosecutor of Lodi, Domenico Chiaro, trying to shed light on the tragedy that took place Sunday in Carpiano, in the Milanese area, the scene of […]

The demonstration against the Green Pass in Milan. VIDEO

With the cry of “freedom, freedom” the demonstration against the Green Pass began in the late afternoon in Piazza Fontana in Milan. About a thousand people were present at the protest, who passed through the streets of the center in Piazza della Scala. The demonstrators then marched towards the nearby Piazza del Duomo in an […]