Netflix: Streaming-Highlights im April 2022

No joke: Hollywood’s elite will go into lockdown on April 1st to finish shooting one of the trashiest movies of all time. you don’t believe me? Then just watch the trailer Judd Apatows „The Bubble” at. In the new meta-comedy can be found, among others Karen Gillan, Pedro Pascal, Leslie Mann and Keegan-Michael Key in […]

Apple TV+ extends “Acapulco” and “The Afterparty”

One was already heading for a sequel before the release of the first season, the other was actually planned as a mini-series: With two official press releases, Apple TV + has now confirmed a second season for the two in-house series hits “Acapulco” and “The Afterparty”. Since both shows made the rounds internationally, it was […]

Now “John Wick”: has Ana de Armas found a new action film?

After several postponements, the time had finally come and “James Bond” fans were able to enjoy “No Time to Die”, the 25th film in the mega franchise. For two stars it was even a special joy to see them again, leading actors Daniel Craig and the new Bond girl Anna of Arms, who played the […]

Ran an PC & Konsole: Square Enix präsentiert „Guardians of the Galaxy“

Can you still think of Square Enix’s project “Marvel‘s Avengers” recall? For many players, this work was hard on the stomach, because of the multiplayer function and other sometimes annoying gimmicks. But you can breathe easy! Square Enix has ventured into yet another Marvel masterpiece, and this time around, it’s all focused on a single-player […]

Sky Ticket: Streaming-Highlights im November 2021

It couldn’t be any better on Sky Ticket at the moment. Because in the second half of November there is a double pack for series fans. Hollywood star makes the start Will Smithwho has gathered his old baggage from “The Prince of Bel-Air” to create a special episode entitled “The big reunion“To record. You are […]