Drive-in cinemas and corona: romance in a safe place

WWe have to imagine the early 1960s, prosperity was rampant, cars were parked in front of the house and televisions in the living room – only public morality didn’t keep pace. It has happened that parents were reported by their neighbors because of domination because they left their offspring unattended in the nursery. The sheltered […]

Film Festival: Why didn’t Cannes surrender to Corona?

BAyreuth is canceled, Rock am Ring, Aix-en-Provence. Only a small Gallic village has been able to withstand the Corona siege for six weeks now. The Cannes Festival steadfastly refuses to surrender to the uncanny attacker, to submit to the inevitable. Inevitable. Oh really? .

Sarah Maldoror: The “Matriarch of African Film” is dead

HSarah Maldoror would be passed from one talk show to another, the Minister of Culture would appoint her to expert commissions, and she would receive one award after the other. In the 1970s, her great time, she was met with extreme distrust in the Federal Republic. If she hadn’t had a French passport, the border […]

Mikhail Khodorkovsky: “I misjudged Putin. My mistake”

WORLD: Today everyone knows your relationship with Putin, which can probably be called a bad one. Did you know him back then? Khodorkovsky: Yes, he already had a career within the system at that time and was very well acquainted with the then head of state, Yeltsin. He then put it on the neck of […]

Because of Corona: These German films will be discontinued

Dhe Constantin is the largest German film producer – and has had a huge Corona luck, if you will: Your Elyas M’Barek film “The Perfect Secret” attracted more than five million viewers in cinemas by the end of February, only then did it hit Virus too. Now the two Constantin board members Martin Moszkowicz and […]

Obituary for Honor Blackman: “My name is Pussy Galore”

ESearching through the directory of all 20th century British surnames did not result in a single match for “Galore”. The surname does not exist. This is not surprising, because “galore” is an adjective and means something like “in abundance” or “abundant”. Of course, the first name “Pussy” does not exist either, at least not in […]

“Corona” as a film: You are in the elevator – and you cannot get out

Movie First Covid 19 film With Corona in the elevator – and you can’t get out As of April 2, 2020 | Reading time: 3 minutes In Mostafa Keshvari’s film, several neighbors get stuck in the elevator – including a possible coronavirus infection. The situation escalates within a very short time. Racism and fear spread […]