Medellin residents ask for more citizen education

One thousand five hundred Medellin residents from all the communes and townships, for two months (June and July of this year), in various in-person and virtual settings, sat down to talk. The topic? What needs to change, improve and maintain in our city. Read also: José María Córdova prepares to welcome the world Let’s talk […]

Blue Night Shopping today | Ettlingen

Take a leisurely stroll, stroll and shop, even until 10 p.m., that’s possible on September 22nd when it’s called Blue Night Shopping in the city center. Retail offers a variety of promotions: from special shopping and shoe discounts to make-up campaigns and a live fashion show from the “Fairy Tale Bride” with the latest wedding […]

Obelisk Hour: Imposing an entry visa on a citizen to visit the region is a state-to-state deal

September 15, 2023 Baghdad/Al-Masala Al-Hadath: Al-Masala publishes the most prominent interactions of television dialogues: Minister of Water Resources, Aoun Diab, during a televised interview: The drought gave us a clear warning– Iraq recorded the lowest water imports this summer-The world is exposed to massive climate changesIraq was lucky with rainfall last winter– Iraq needs water […]

A citizen was arrested for attacking an aunt in the city of El Tigre

The alleged aggressor was placed under the orders of the Prosecutor’s Office / Photo: Polisosir Press Agents assigned to the Simón Rodríguez Municipal Police (Polisosir) arrested a subject for allegedly being involved in both physical and verbal aggression against his aunt. The event occurred in El Tigre, capital of the Anzoatiguense jurisdiction. Néstor Tamoy, head […]

Al-Shobaki: The citizen will feel the impact of the heat wave on the electricity bill

main main 1 hour ago Watan Al-Youm: An economic researcher specializing in the field of energy, Amer Al-Shobaki, confirmed that the heat wave that has been affecting the Kingdom for three days will have a negative impact on citizens’ electricity bills, and will increase the burden on them above their suffering from unemployment, poverty, high […]