“The Edge” in New York: Those are beautiful prospects – travel

Right at the beginning the whole truth about glass floors at vantage points: Those who stand on them usually only get an adrenaline rush if they are very vertigo-ridden. Otherwise the view is the same as when you lean over the railing. In addition, the glass shelves do not stay so clean or without scratches […]

New York: Which sights are not worthwhile – travel

If you are coming to New York for the first time, you should ideally have comfortable shoes and an adapter for American sockets in your luggage. Most likely, however, images of longing for this city in my head, like no other for them American Dream stands. The buildings are taller here, people move faster and […]

5Pointz in Queens: graffiti center in New York destroyed – trip

When graffiti artist Banksy left New York, he demanded: “Save 5Pointz!” Now the owner of the famous graffiti center in Queens created facts: he had the works of art painted over. When you look at this photo, what do you see? A warehouse complex with painted walls? That’s correct if you just look at the […]

Myth New York: City of Workaholics – Travel

Tourists who step out of their hotel in the late morning and take a leisurely stroll towards Grand Central, hoping to get their first coffee of the day there, will quickly notice that comfort is not something New York business people know on their way to their next meeting. The third to fifth dose of […]

Insider tips for the city trip: New York, New York – trip

The Hon. William Wall – Bar im Hudson “Ten minutes after jumping on a speedboat at North Cove Marina at Dock F in Battery Park City, we arrived at the Honorable William Wall floating clubhouse Hudson slipped past. I was so enchanted by the New York skyline on one side and Ellis Island with the […]

New York: The city tips from the annabelle editorial team

This city not only has its finger on the pulse, it sets the pulse itself. New York is a metropolis full of flair – hardly any other place is more diverse and modern. In order not to miss anything with the countless possibilities, we asked the annabelle editorial team for personal New York tips. SILVIA […]

Christmas market Frankfurt 2019: dates, opening times & information

In Frankfurt am Main, the pre-Christmas season is celebrated between historic half-timbered houses. Christmas specialties are also rich in tradition – like Bethmännchen. The Christmas market in Frankfurt am Main is one of the most popular Christmas markets in Germany due to its almost three million visitors and size. It also has a long tradition: […]